Saturday, December 7, 2013

Jesus was fully man and he was fully God.

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To the average human mind and with our frail capabilities, it is hard but not impossible, to understand how a person can be fully God and fully man, possessing both set of characteristic at the same time. But Jesus was both. There are some things that are outside the realms of human understanding, but this is not one of those things. In order to understand this concept we must understand two things: we must first understand that what is impossible with man is totally possible with God and we must isolate the characteristics of God and the characteristics of man and see if they can be contained in the same entity.

What does it takes to be fully man. A man is comprised of several characteristics and they are:
1.     a body of flesh
2.     an emotional state
3.     a fallen nature (capable of being tempted)
4.     easily hurt disposition
5.     the ability to feel physical pain
6.     was born
7.     live on earth
8.     be subject to all the things that man is subject to

In the case of Jesus the Christ, he had all of these characteristics that constitute a man; but most of all he was subject to the things that man are subjected to.

Now the next question we must ask ourselves is what constitutes God, in this case not just any god, but Yahweh the one true Creator and sustainer of the universe and all there in.

Perfection is what constitutes Yahweh. Yahweh is perfect in every aspect if his existence every attribute that He has is perfection personified.
·         He is perfect in righteousness,
·         He has all and perfect power: even the power from the sun and the power that his arch enemy has is his.
·         Perfect in justice
·         perfect in Mercy
·         Perfect in Grace
·         Perfect in love
·         He is the perfect warrior
·         Perfect in peace
·         Perfect in knowledge (knows everything there is to know about everything)
·         Perfect in wisdom (knows the perfect application of everything)
·         Perfect in being (he was not corrupt in body)
In other words, Jesus was God and he possessed Godly perfection; yet he has all of the characteristics of man. He had the complex broken nature of man in a defile broken body as all man is born with. It is important to note that Jesus Christ never defile his body, but the defilement of his body was simple the consequence of being man. This is the reality of this situation, here we have a perfect God, who from the beginning of eternity have existed in the presence of perfection; now, he is forced to exist for thirty three and a half years in a defile host: MAN.

So we can say that Jesus possessed all of the characteristics of Yahweh and he also possessed all of the characteristic of man: in other words he was the perfect paradox.

1.     He was the High and the low at the same time, (fully God and fully man)
2.     He was the perfect and the defile simultaneously, (He had the perfection of God living in a defiled body of man)
3.     He was the good and the bad. (he had the good nature of God and the Bad nature of man)
4.     he had the perfect and the imperfect within him (he had the perfection of God and the imperfection of man's body)
5.     He was powerless yet all powerful. (like having money that you commit not to spend; he had the power of God but was restricted by choice to the capabilities of man)
6.     He was everlasting yet he had an end. (he will live forever yet he had to die)
there are many more characteristic that clearly speak to the nature of Jesus the Savior that are paradox to man but are in the realms of ordinary to the almighty God: Yahweh.

Another thing we can safely say, is that Jesus came as Adam left, with a sinful nature and body but he left as Adam came with a glorified nature and body. This is so for the simple reason: Jesus never violate the laws of God. With this accomplishment Jesus owned the right to have his sin tainted body that he had to put on when he became man to be daily transform into the sinless body that Adam once had.

You may be unanswered questions such as:

1.     Did Jesus every used his Godly powers? What about all of the miracles?
2.     Did Jesus ever suffer sexual temptation?
3.     Why Jesus did come into the world?
4.     Can I live as Jesus lived?

If they were addressed you may click on the topics and you can find answer to your unanswered question. Of ask your questions in the comment section and I will address them.

Monday, November 11, 2013


Matthew 5:22-25 KJV
But I say unto you, that whosoever is angry with his brother without a cause shall be in danger of the judgment: and whosoever shall say to his brother, Raca, shall be in danger of the council: but whosoever shall say, Thou fool, shall be in danger of hell fire. Therefore if thou bring thy gift to the altar, and there remembers that thy brother hath offend you; Leave there thy gift before the altar, and go thy way; first be reconciled to thy brother, and then come and offer thy gift. Agree with your adversary quickly,
The path to self-forgiveness is a long one; it is even a longer road to forgive the ills that was done to you. Before we can get to that point, there is some personal awareness that must first take place. This awareness is the spirit of Yahweh operating in our consciences. We must come to realize that our actions were:     
 1. Wrong
2. It affected someone negatively
3. We have to seek forgiveness from Yahweh God
4. We have to make restitution and restoration. That is we must have a desire to correct that wrong, if it is possible or apologize for our action and the effects such actions may have caused.
Our first confession must be done to Yahweh God; this should be done in fervent prayer and should entail: 

1. a full confession of the entire violation. 
2. Express to Yahweh a genuine sorrow for what you did.
3. Make a commitment to Yahweh not to violate the victim or anyone else in that manner ever again.
4. Ask Yahweh for forgiveness. Yahweh is the only one who has the power and authority to forgive offenders. Yahweh is the only one from whom forgiveness should be sought.
When we confess our wrongs, we must first make the acknowledgement of the wrong and we express a genuine sorrow for what we have done.
The last part of the process appears to be the most difficult. This is so even though we have the self-realization and had admitted to Yahweh that which we have done wrong; however when it is time to approach our victims we become fearful and apprehensive.
Many are now residing in hell because they were too proud to face and apologized to their victims.
We as children of the promise, have to put our hurt and pride away, go to our victims and admit our wrong without making excuses for:

A. Our actions against them
B. Let them know you are aware that your actions hurt them
C. Let them know you are sorry for what you have done.
D. That you are sorry for the pain your actions may have caused
E. That you commit never to do such to them or anyone else for that fact.
It is selfish to ask the victim to forgive you. Forgiveness is a lengthy process that takes time; but more so, it is for the benefit of the victim. Too often we expect people to complete a process that takes years in an instant because we have made peace with our wrong doing. We then expect the injured party to do the same because we accomplish such; this approach is selfish and insensitive. When we were battling with our guilt, the victim has hurt, guilt and other emotion and traumas to overcome
If at any time you have that overwhelming desire to be forgiven by the Victim (s) it may be you have not yet come to terms with your actions. You may have to go back on your knees to seek the peace only Yahweh and his son Jesus can give.
We must not forget that forgiveness benefits those who have the responsibility to forgive, not necessarily those who were allegedly forgiven. If the victim forgives he benefits in more ways than spiritual, if he does not forgives he suffers physically, emotionally, spiritually etc. and harboring such resentment and hate can impact in other areas of the victim’s live (family live, marriage life, professional life and social live).
It is important that you first deal with the guilt that is associated with your actions before you approach your victim. You must be reassured that Yahweh have already forgiven you and you have already forgave yourself, it is only then, you can move to the next stage of making restitution and restoration for your wrong.
This may be a public admittance that you have wronged the victim (s) a genuine expression of Sorrow for your actions or lack thereof, a commitment not to do such again to the victim or any other, and a willingness to reasonable make it up to them in a manner that will help the victim. Remember I said reasonable.

If you are confident that your motives are right and Yahweh have already forgiven you, then it matters not who holds a grudge.

Some people are of the opinion that there is no real forgiveness, if the relationship was not restored to its original state. The person who was wronged can offer forgiveness but choose not to continue  in or with the relationship of any kind with the offender. I must say here, there is nothing wrong with that. Each person have a responsibility to them-self to provide  for their  personal, mental, physical and other protection and they have a right to determine what course of action is best to employed to maintain such personal safety.  

Sunday, November 10, 2013

A prophet's call to Yahweh's people

My fellow believers, I come to you, not one bearing a message laced with his personal opinion or ideals, but one under divine instruction, bearing a message from the one true and living God: Yahweh, a message that was sanctified in the blood of his son Jesus Christ.

Give ears to this message you ministers of religion and you leaders of the counsel of Christian. Yahweh is God and his judgment is sure and swift.

For centuries Yahweh has been our God and for centuries the people have freely washed themselves in the blood of Jesus Christ. In recognition and acknowledgement of this fact, our fore parents placed Yahweh in everything and place. He was embedded in the constitution and in the schools, our laws and in the court house etc.  

Unfortunately, we have take Yahweh’s blessing for granted; as a result. We have ignored the almighty God, his words, his will and his standards. Yahweh’s blessed people have turned their backs in him and have allowed evil to inhabit their heart and mind; we have replaced the fruits of Yahweh’s Holy Spirit with the thorns of Evil. We have allowed thievery, whoredom, homosexual practice, violence, murder, dishonesty to high jack the heart, mind and life of our people.

Consequently our ability to make sound, moral, ethical and rational decisions have been corrupted, we delight in associating with evil; our ability to choose wisely has also fail and as a result we have choose men of low and ill repute to lead our community. These men now controls our government, our social societies, our commercial entities even our churches. We are following in the path of the famous biblical twin cities Sodom and Gomorrah. Like our communities the people of the famous twin city once loved, respected, served and honored Yahweh.

The biblical book of Isaiah, in the first chapter of this book, Isaiah 1: 10-14, the prophet was recounting Yahweh’s effort to save the defile cities. After a while and like the people of our community the people of Sodom and Gomorrah were living a double life.  They were performing the rituals that Yahweh instructed and on the other hand they were intentionally violating his laws and statues.

Isaiah 1: 12-15 Yahweh told the people of Sodom and Gomorrah like our people today: Don’t come to me, I don’t want your defile worship; I will close my eyes to your worship and withdraw my ears from your prayers.

Today we are now experiencing the reward of our rebellion; we have corrupt governments, hypocritical religious leaders, economical hardship, rampant violence, injustice and agricultural pestilence. Now compare the present event of our community with the impending judgment as outlined in Isaiah 1: 15, 20-25, 28, 30 & 31 Judgment that was prescribed for Sodom and Gomorrah as a result of their open rebellion against the creator: Yahweh.  

Yahweh wants us to return to Jesus and give our hearts to him.  It is time to forget about the demonic promises of grandeur made by those who hate righteousness; promises that have seen our physical, social, financial, economical and spiritual condition grow worst by the day. These are the same powered dreams for which we have turned our back on Yahweh, the same wasted promises that cause us to forsake our morals, disregard our principles; abandon professional ethics, traded our integrity and sold our honesty. Let us not forget that Yahweh is our protector and our provider he is our God and we must love, respect, honor and treat him as such.

Friday, September 20, 2013

Conspiracy in God’s church.

In the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John the four books of the Holy Bible that detailed the life of Jesus we see how far certain church leaders would go to have their own way. We must never forget that Jesus Christ the righteous Son of God was not betrayed by heathen; he was not denied by infidels; he was not conspired upon by members of the Gentiles community and his rejection did not come at the hands of members of an opposing nation with whom Israel was at war.  But Jesus’ suffering and final demised came at the hands of the leadership of the Church, his Church. Mathew 26:3-4, 27:1, then the chief priest, the Scribe, and the elders of the people got together at the palace of the high priest Caiaphas, and consulted how they can kidnap Jesus and secretly kill him. Here we have the leaders of the church who were to be the conscience of the community, plotting to spill innocence blood, plotting to murder Jesus.
These “religious leader” went into the community to solicit the paid service of the communities’ members; who were enticed to break God’s law (to bear false witness) to destroy the very God they loved and served daily; the very God they were responsible for teaching the nation to love also: Jesus Christ.
Eventually their conspiracy worked and the leaders of religion were successful in causing a miscarriage of Justice. With the use of fabricated evidence, they caused the eventual conviction and execution (crucifixion) of Jesus Christ; even though they knew they were wrong and Jesus was innocent of the charges. Even after all they did, instead of repenting and confessing their wrongs, they thicken the plot by offering bribes to the soldiers to lie about Jesus’ resurrection.
Because of rough “spiritual leaders”, who put their own selfish ambition above the spiritual needs of Yahweh’s people and the will of the almighty God, an entire nation was led to defiled their souls with the unjust spilling of Jesus’ holy blood. This was manifested when the “Religious Leaders” convinced and had the bulk of the population voted to pardon and spare the life of a convicted murderer: Barabbas and demanded the execution of Jesus Christ. Here we see the so-call men of God conspired to have Jesus arrested, they conspired to have Jesus killed, they conspired to keep Jesus dead, and they conspired to keep his resurrection a secret.
Unfortunately, today there still exist men and women among us, working in the ministry to save souls that have the mentality of the religious priest, the scribes and the elders of the people who conspired to secure the suffering and the death of our Lord and Savior: Jesus Christ. In Matthew 7:15, Jesus himself warned his people to “beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep’s clothing but inwardly they are ravening wolves”. (Wolf in sheep’s clothing) and in verse 16, of Matthew 7: Jesus further warns that you should know them by their fruits.
Paul also saw the danger and he said in his letter: Philippians 1:15, He said some preach Christ out of envy and strife. And verse 16 he went on to say, the former insincerely preach Christ from selfish ambitions. We must never forget that our leaders will lead us somewhere, they may lead us to the cross of Jesus Christ and eventually into heaven or they may lead us away from Christ’s cross and eventually into everlasting fire.
Thos cost of your soul is too high, for grown men and women who were blessed with the wisdom and intelligence of Jesus Christ to take their salvation for granted, to sit idly and blindly follow the dangerous direction of a leader who is  moved by personal ambition and not by the spirit of the Holy God.

Friday, September 6, 2013

Setting the wrong example

Setting the wrong example.JPGCry aloud spare not, lift up your voice like a trumpet and show my people their transgression the house of Jacob their sins. Isaiah 58:1.

All through earth’s history, the people of Yahweh, strayed from the principles the Creator give to live by; at times we make a conscious decision to satisfy the desires of the flesh; as a result we fell into open rebellion against our Creator. At other times, we become victims of the ease and conveniences; while others become busy with the work of the Lord that they neglect to maintain and develop their personal relationship with Jesus. When we neglect out relationship with our redeemer, our communication with him become blurred and our ability to make sound spiritual decision is severely hampered. Unfortunately; when such things happen, we are the last person to know.

In Matt. 21: 12 - 13, the local merchants crowded the courtyard of the temple with their tables of trade. Each table was strategically position to help worshipers with the daily temple sacrifices and offerings. The services these men of trade provided was an essential one, it took every excuse an individual may come up with, not to perform the appropriate sacrifice, present the appropriate offering at the appropriate time. The services provided by the men of trade were not bad or wrong, as a matter of fact; such services were essential to the community. Although such service helped Yahweh’s chosen people to comply with his command as it related to sacrifices and giving offerings; the location they choose to carry out their trade desecrated the temple of the Almighty God.

Like the moneychangers in Jesus' day, we must be careful that our good intention and the vital service we provide are not at the expense of desecrating God’s holy law. Remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy; this is Yahweh’s command. The Sabbath day is an opportunity for us to pay tribute and recognized Yahweh as the awesome CREATOR that he is. But what is holiness as it relates to Sabbath keeping? Jesus in his quest to lend clarity to this subject asked: “which of you having a lamb that falls into a pit ‘on the Sabbath day’ will not retrieve it”, then he declared; “it is lawful to do good on the Sabbath day:” Matt. 12: 10 - 12, Mark 3: 2 – 4. However, this principle is not applicable across the board. It is good to tackle those critical needs and perform those vital Christian services to our fellow men whose needs may have just arisen or those needs we have just learn of. It is a desecration of Yahweh God’s holy Sabbath, if we consciously neglect to perform those known act of Christian service, because it was not convenient to do so during the six days of work, wherein the Lord God have provide for us to do such.

We must learn from the mistakes of Israel and be careful that in our efforts and enthusiasm to be different that our actions do not misrepresent the King of kings. If we ought to be effective; our “witness” must be clear and free from contradictions. We cannot afford to become stumbling blocks in the way of the people we are attempting to serve but most of all, we must never risk compromising the standards and principle of Yahweh, by sending the wrong messages to our target community.

We must always keep in the forefront of our consciousness, the fact that we are not independent contractors in the salvation of lost humanity; therefore, we should not allow ourselves to become neglectful in our rush to do the work of the lord. We must always proceed carefully and prayerfully, never forgetting that we are co-laborer with Jesus Christ for the salvation of lost souls. We ought to always listen attentively, follow the leading of the Holy Spirit and the reveal will of Yahweh. We must never forget the Holy Spirit will never lead us against the will of Yahweh, or upon the gray or ambiguous areas of Yahweh’s words thus enticing us to betray our consciences.

In such cases, the Holy Spirit will find applicable and practical way of teaching willing heart, the spiritual lessons we need to learn. Although we do not know what tomorrow holds, there is one thing we can be sure of: if Yahweh leads us into the valley of uncertainty, there could be only one outcome: victory for his faithful children.

Some will have us to believe; faithfulness is demonstrated in how loud we can shout the word but true faithfulness is exhibited in how well we live the word. It is with living that we become effective witnesses for the cause of Christ. To the unbeliever, our words are like a gentle wind that cools the soul, but an unambiguous exhibition of a godly life lived, is like an invitation into the very presence of the Almighty God himself.

 Prepared, designed & © Allan H. Palmer


Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Can you ask for anything more?

Pain and hard times reminds Yahweh's children that there are consequences for every bad action; it also gives us an appreciation for Yahweh's blessings. It is Yahweh's wish that we prosper and be in good health but we must first be unconditionally faithful to him to reap the reward.

Very often we create barriers and stumbling blocks in our own way, preventing our loving and generous father from bless us with his bounties and although Jesus have been giving us favor we don't deserved he want to shower us with even bigger, more valuable gifts, but we must be faithful.

We must be faithful to his, laws, his every word not because of what we can get or what he can give to us, but because we acknowledge that he loves us and wants only the best for us and will stop at nothing to ensure we are the best and have the best.

Can you ask for anything more?


There is someone especially for me

Each of us have buried within us a burning desire to love and to be loved, this is the beginning of personal fulfillment. Too often we mistakes lust and infatuation for love; unfortunately. When we do this, we put the things in place to facilitate broken hearts which cause tremendous psychological distress.

We truly cannot give love to or received love from anyone until we have learn to love and accept the love of El Shaddai (God the Father, the Son & the Holy Spirit). It is useless for anyone to give love to anyone who have not experienced the love from the creator and love him in return.

We must always keep in mind that Yahweh knows us and he has the ideal person waiting for us, he has prepared someone special just for me.

Unfortunately the creator also has the happiness and welfare of your potential partner to protect also. It will be unfair for the Almighty Creator to reward our unfaithfulness, so it is important that we prove ourselves worthy of the gifts Yahweh has in place for us.

if we choose our life partner before Yahweh gifted us with the special one whom he prepared for us, he can teach the willing couple how to love each other and in turn they will received the greatest pleasure that can be derived. With God all things are possible.

You can conquior your distractions

It is so easy to become distracted from the things that are important to us, such as our relationships with Yahweh, our ideals in and the qualities our potential mate should possess, occupational goals, etc. These goals and more can easily be unintentionally placed on the back burner; the sad thing is, we may never remember to get back to them until it is too late, causing our life to take a turn for the worst and we may never get back on track in achieving our goals.

Distraction comes in many subtle ways, disguised as harmless, controllable events that we have control over, events that slowly grow on us, taking up more and more of our thought and time until it becomes a major part of your life. We then become too occupy with the unimportant until our subtle distraction (s) changes our priority and replaces our goals.

It may begin with an unguarded thought, a thought we fail to bring into subjection to our values and the moral standards we hold dear, a harmless conversation which pleases the senses, a conversation that we indulged in just a little, a visual that appeal to the carnal nature that can easily lead to even greater distractions, blinding us from the important things, our goals.

Deuteronomy 28:1-2, 12-13 KJV

And it shall come to pass, if thou shalt hearken diligently unto the voice of the Lord thy God, to observe and to do all his commandments, that the Lord thy God will set thee on high above all nations of the earth: And all these blessings shall come on thee, and overtake thee, if thou shalt hearken unto the voice of the Lord thy God. The Lord shall open unto thee his good treasure, the heaven to give the rain unto thy land in his season, and to bless all the work of your hand: and thou shalt lend unto many nations, and thou shalt not borrow. And the Lord shall make thee the head, and not the tail; and thou shalt be above only, and thou shalt not be beneath; if that thou hearken unto the commandments of the Lord thy God, which I command thee this day, to observe and to do them.

We need to be focus on Jesus Christ the solid rock, the holy son of Yahweh. We ought to make him number one in our life and we will never ever again lose sight of what is important to us again.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Think before you act

Think about the act of creation, where the almighty Yahweh, the only true God, created the universe; made a creature with his own hands. That creature was made from the most common thing available: dirt. After which he breathe breath into him & man was perfect, in mind, body, soul and in relationship with his creator: Yahweh. Impressive, isn't it?
Would you like to know what was more impressive than creation? what was more impressive than creation was the effort, the time, the planning, the sacrifice; the pain, the lost, the perfect timing and the love that made the plan of salvation huge success.
Here we have an all powerful God, that made some creatures that were less powerful, than the least of the angels, less beautiful, than the least of the angel, less important to his (Yahweh's) worship than the least angel, we were not even given the ability to fly as angels can but the common souless birds could. Human Kind was the least in every way of Yahweh's intelligent creatures.
When the Creator God, His Son, and His Holy Spirit came together, and used everything they had by investing it in the redemption of human kind; by the virtue of that act, every repentant sinner, who was redeemed, was transformed into the most valued of Yahweh's creators and each lost soul is the most valuable waste there is, or ever will be.
O how Yahweh, O how Jesus, O how Yah's Spirit must have love you and me. For Yahweh gave his only Son, and His Son Give His Life what more could they do. O how they love me and you.

Who are you?

Who are you? What is your purpose on earth? Why you are not yet dead?
These are three questions each of us should answer. Please note, you are a very important person; you are so important that the son of the almighty Yahweh, the creator of the universe and everything in it: Jesus Christ, died in your place.
What! Do you understand what that means? No one has anything on you. Even if a person has 3 or 4 or 5 PhDs, even if they have all the money in the world, all the fame, etc. they have not achieve anything that you cannot achieve if you are faithful to Yahweh, his son Jesus Christ and faithful to their mission for you and the world.
Your purpose in life is to spend each day, each hour, each minute of each day, in humble worship to the Almighty Yahweh in Jesus' name. Your job, and other vocation means nothing unless you have the presence of mind to do as Job did. Job loved the lord his God (Yahweh) and hate even the very thought of evil. The only reason you are still alive today is because Yahweh wants for you to experience the awesome, glory and ecstasy that is associated with praising him and his Son: Jesus Christ in spirit, in truth and in love.
May the almighty Yahweh, bring you and I into a greater union with him in his holy Son Jesus Christ's name.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Yahweh's desire for you

Did you know that Yahweh love every one of the creatures in nature so much that he pays particular and detail attention to each one of them. The awesome Creator Yahweh ensure the most insignificant of creature is fed and protected every day and every minute of the day. A leaf do not fall from a tree unless Yahweh instructs it to do so.
Look at that tree any tree, now look on the ground, choose one leaf, Yes Yahweh knew where that leaf is, and when it fell from the tree. Now think of a forest and the trillions of trillions of leaves on the forest floor and he knows about each of them.
Did you know that Yahweh loves you more than all of nature combined? Do you know that Yahweh has an overwhelming desire to do for you much more than you desire for yourself. He want to make you happy and; contented, he want to provide for your every need, fulfill your dearest fantasies, make manifest your hearts desires, but you have got to allow him to do it, and do it his way. Our input will only get in the way and mess things up. That is love.

Why worry?

We are often worried about the things we cannot control. We forget that we serve a God who is willing to take care of all of our needs, our wants and our desire; he want to take care of our biggest problems be it relationship, illnesses, financial, occupational, religious, etc.

Worrying doesn't change our situation, or provide solutions to the difficulties that confronts us, but worrying only make us tense and stressed. It is Yahweh's desire that we prosper and be in good health. So put your life and all of your problems in Yahweh's hands and watch him work for you.

While we wait on Yahweh's fulfillment of our desires, be brave, and courageous, get up and face your fears and problems knowing that you have the victory over your difficulties, because all is in the hands of the all-powerful all loving God Yahweh and his son Jesus Christ.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Life is Good because Yahweh is Awesome

I am excited about the future, for if I die today I am assured of a place in Yahweh’s kingdom, but if it is the great God’s desire that my life be prolonged just for a little while longer; I know that I am in perfect hands, I will be OK. I know I am favored by the righteousness of Jesus Christ which was imputed onto me, making me eligible to receive all that Jesus’ father: the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords, the almighty God Yahweh want to be store upon me. For he want to give me earthly riches, and salvation. As a result I am now blessed with success in every area of my life, and there is nothing or no one natural or supernatural that can take my success from me.
For the almighty God, King Yahweh said through his son Jesus Christ “no good things will I withhold from those who love me as well as from those who walk up rightly. I am extremely happy that I serve a king who is accustom to dwell in the finest place and are accustom to the finest things, things that earth cannot provide, or have never seen. I am so happy that I serve a God who know the pass, present and future details of my life, and has the power to recreate any aspect of my life that he wish, to ensure my success.  I am so happy that I serve a God who love me so much that he is preoccupied with my soul’s salvation. 
Do you expect the Supreme King of King and the Lord of lords, the almighty creator of the Universe and everything in it, to dwell in accommodations I provide? Of course not! Although Jesus Christ put off his magisterial persona and take on the defile person of man in order to descend to the earth from heaven to rescue us from sin. Yes Jesus the mighty son of Yahweh came and he meets us where we are, but he is not going to remain there with us. He came to elevate us from the mire of sin and take us to a better place than we can provide for ourselves. He is all about offering better than we are capable of attaining for ourselves and on our own.
That is the God I serve; Yahweh is a God of compassion, he is a God of Love, he is a God of Mercy, a God of forgiveness but most of all he is a God who sticks to his words. With a God like this, I know that I have an awesome future ahead of me. So I can say with a heart of gratitude: Thank you Yahweh, In Jesus’ name.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Just For Me

Yahweh made a promise to redeem human kind, so he (Yahweh) called his son and He give him an asignment that broke his father's heart to give.

Jesus Christ took on the assignment that was so enormous, the most elite angel could not have done it. He was to be seperated from his father & his father' love; alone in a world that was poluted by sin, the stench of which affected him.

He was betrayed by one who was dear to his heart, denied by one whom he loved dearly, he was the head & creator of the church, but was rejected by that which he founded; his friend choose a murderer & rejected him, he was accused of lying when he spoke only the turth. he was convicted for a crime he did not commit, he was taunted by a thief, mocked by infedells & die a shameful death. All this was done just for me.

Did you know, all this happen in full view of his father & all of heaven who felt the misery & pain. Their heart was severely broken.

Then all of hell trimble in fear, as great laughter and Joy fill the father's throne. All of heaven burst into tears of Joy & a shout of victory was heard as he who was rejected, dispised and scorned; shake off the chains of death and solving her greatest mystery. The grave in fear of the awesome risen One, renigged on her deal with death, to confine Yahweh's son for eternity. So she opened her belly and set Jesus free.

Soon every knees will bow and all tongue will proclaim him King of kings.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The secret to lasting Happiness, Fulfillment and Peace among Human

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Genesis is the single most important book in the bible, as it relates to the well being of the family and harmony in society. For within the pages of the book of Genesis are outlined the characteristics needed for happiness, fulfillment and lasting peace among human kind.

I know you may be asking yourself, what is he speaking about? You have read Genesis several times and you did not make such discoveries. Your experience does not mean that the information is not there.

We will have to go through the first few chapter of Genesis in order to seek the relevant explanation for what I am speaking of.

But before we do so, it is important for us to acknowledge, the devil do not want Yahweh’s children to experience, lasting happiness, fulfillment and peace among human. It is for this reason, the hater of Yahweh’s children has employed all within his power, to ensure, us human; rebel against Yahweh’s will and design for our life.

For thousand of years the Devil has invested his time, power and resources to ensure man’s heart is turned from his creator, thus ignoring Yahweh’s plans for him and his family and by extension, the destruction of every institution and core-relationship  Yahweh instituted and or created.

It is interesting, in the creation story, lies some of the simplest but most profound of truth as it relates to the wellbeing of the family, successful marriage and the stability of society. Although everyone is banging their heads against a brick wall trying to come up with solution to solve these devastating problems that currently plagues our world today, the answers are sitting in the pages of the bible and in the book of genesis. Although it does not take much to achieve these well sought after objectives; we are of the misguided concept, it takes to much of a sacrifice, to apply these simple principles to our daily routine. 
Lets take a look at the relationships and institution that Yahweh had created to aid in our happiness and how the devil has cause us human to turn away from such. Now we practice that which is total opposite to that which Yahweh’ had instituted. Below are the institutions and relationships the Devil has corrupt and distort, which holds the key to solving all of our problems.

  1. The Sabbath in Genesis 2: 2-3
  2. The structure of the family Genesis 2:18, 21-23
  3. Mans role on the earth Genesis 2
  4. Intimate relationship between the genders 18, 23
  5. Marriage 18, 23

It will be nice, if you can read the first three chapters of the book of Genisis and try to make the application; however, I will take some time to deal with each of these topic individually.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Nature, Humanity and Homosexuality

Homosexuality, is one of the most defile indulgences that is practiced in civil society. It is so for several reasons, which are: it goes contrary to the laws of nature, against human sexuality, against Yahweh’s word/law, and because it is not practice naturally by the animal kingdom: those creatures that are considered to be, less intelligent than us human. However; there are some who are now teaching, the lower members of the animal kingdom to indulge in homosexual acts.
Unlike humans, who are plagued with the adoption of habits that follows families for generation and thus cast a blight or bless families with the habits that constituted a family traditions and cycles. However; it is not so with members of the animal kingdom. The offspring are not affected by the habit of the parents or the customs of the pack, flock, school etc. but they adopt their habits base on their survival needs.

For example a child of a thief, will learn from his parents, the skills and temperament of a thief; he will learn such subliminally and otherwise and therefore, if there isn’t the appropriate, timely and serious intervention that child may become a career or habitual thief. If a domestic dog was taught by its owner, how to steal; that dog will apply that which it was taught, for to do otherwise will impact its treatment by the owner; and by extension, its survival. In other words; it will impact or threatens the dog’s survival so he complies. There is not a chance that pups born to that dog will ever pick up the ability to steal, becomes aggressive, or any other habits because its parent (s) had those traits. However; if condition merits, the dog steals to survive, then it will; never because it learn the traits from its parents.

It is safe to say, we as earthly creatures, with the highest level of intelligence there is, have managed to turn the gift of higher senses, understanding, knowledge, perception and communication into a curse. This is evident, in the way we destroy the society and community in which we live; in the way we make a mess of our marriages and family, the way we nurture our children into becoming such terrible people etc.

Human uses their intelligence to destroy themselves, their society, the other creatures that shares the earth with us as well as earth; by moving away from the things that are natural, violating the laws of nature and ignoring the laws and other instructions of Yahweh: The creator of man and everything that exist, had prescribed for us to live sound, healthy and spiritual lives.

While human with his intelligence defies nature, and rejects the way of the creator; yet members of the animal kingdom through instinct, continue to follow the instruction of their creator and the laws of nature.

Lets take a look at a pack of lions, you will noticed that the roles of the gender are still the same, the manner in which they operate and live are as Yahweh have ordained it. The birds still fly south and the beers still hibernates in the winter; the monkeys still lives in trees and they still socializes and nurture their young as nature requires and Yahweh commanded. There is one thing that is common among animals; wile and domesticated, which is: their manner and purpose of mating has not changes.

There reason for mating is for procreation, the time and manner in which it is done, remains the same. It is important to note; intercourse does not take place outside its season and or at the correct times; for them mating is not about pleasure but to preserve the species. It is also important that I point out, the manner for mating is still the same; the male has intercourse only with the female and the female has intercourse only with the male.

So why have human strayed so far from the laws of nature and the laws of his creator?

Among the religious community it is believed the deterioration the human kind is experiencing, is as a results of sin; while the average person rationalized and concludes the reason can be attributed to things such as greed, the love for power, lust of the flesh, hate etc. whatever the reason you attributes to the demise of the human species to; there is one thing we all can agree on is; the Human Species is in a free fall and it seems there is nothing to reduced the speed at which we are falling; to stop or to break our fall. In other words, we are plunging to our own destruction.

You may ask, where homosexuality came from.

From my knowledge, the first mention of homosexuality is found in the book of Leviticus 18:22; Yahweh informed his people and later in Leviticus 20: 13; he reminded his chosen people the Israelites that it is an abomination for a man to lie with man as he does with a woman. Later in the bible we learn that the city of Sodom and Gomorrah was destroyed because the sins of the people of Sodom, which was mainly sins of homosexuality was so wide spread and offended the awesome, righteous, perfect and holy creator God.

I do not know what was the reason for such practice in ancient time, but it is believe that the Greeks and the Romans hold fast to the concept that when a man have sex with another man, he actually took that man's power; therefore, the victim became subject to the aggressor. As a result, it was the objective of men of means and power to have sexual intercourse with as many men as possible; thus maintaining a high standing, on the social, economical, and religious ladder.

It was also believed that little boys and young men will one day grow up to be men of means, prestige and power. Whoever violates that little boy or young man will be elevated above whatever pinnacle that person attained. So the rape and sexual exploitation of little boys and young men were widely practiced.

Like any raped victim or victim of sexual abuse, their abusers or rapist holds a manipulative control over his or her victims; a control that has fear of exposure of the shame that is associated with his or her violation; thus the victims become subliminally, and otherwise subjected to the abuser. It becomes almost impossible for the victims or abuse person to refuse granting a favor or request of his abuser; even a request for sex.

This is why Yahweh prescribes death to anyone who participate in homosexuality, because in doing so they become subject to a control that should only be held by Yahweh. It makes it almost impossible, for the victims to every serve Yahweh in the manner in which he should be served: as Creator God. It must also be known' most victims go on to create sexual victims of there own and such, may mark the beginning, of a vicious cycle. A cycle that can eventually contaminate an entire generation as what happens in Sodom and Gomorrah. So when Yahweh destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah and all that moved in that city by fire, he was just executing the punishment that was the consequence of their homosexuality as was outlined in Yahweh's words in Leviticus.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

The Creation of The Woman

Before you attempt to read this article, you need to answer a few questions; you are not answering these questions for me but for your soul’s salvation. It is important that you answer these questions intelligently and honestly. Below are the questions I suggest you should answer before continuing this article.

• Do you believe Yahweh to be, the creator of the Universe and everything in it?

• Do you believe Yahweh is perfect, Righteous and Just in all of his actions?

• Do you believe that Yahweh has the right to do with his creatures whatever he wishes?

• Do you believe that whatever Yahweh did for us or decides to do with us, to us, for us and through us will be in our best interest?

• Do you believe that Yahweh has the right to justly destroy all of humanity if he so pleases?

• Do you believe and accept the bible to be the expressed word of Yahweh?

• Do you believe that there is nothing recorded in the Holy Bible that Yahweh did not want recorded there?

• According to the story that is recorded in the bible, which addressed the un-sanctified activities of the devil in Heaven; do you think the Devil was out of his place for aspiring to and for taking action to be like his creator?

• Do you think the manner in which Yahweh's dealt with Lucifer (Devil) was Justify?

Now that you have answered the above questions, you can read on.

The Bible has only one authority, which is Elshaddi; the Father, Son and the Holy Ghost. Within this trinity there is an organizational structure, with Yahweh as the supreme of the three, Jesus the son of Yahweh and the Holy Spirit which is the Spirit of Yahweh. Although each member of the God Head has different assignment/responsibilities they are the same in objective: which is to bring unending fulfillment and joy to all of Yahweh’s created beings.

Is Yahweh a chauvinistic God?

Although the plan of salvation is free, each person must; (for themselves) make a decision whether they want salvation or not, then they are required to accept the priceless gift which is without cost. A sign that one has accepted Yahshua’s (Jesus’) gift of salvation is their obedience to his father; Yahweh’s words. We must also come to an understanding that everything Yahweh, his son Jesus, the Holy Spirit and or the Angels ever did and or said, will ever do and or say were/are deliberate and is only a very minute part of a colossal, detail and complicated master plan that has universal implication.

Let us take a walk through the bible, the word of Yahweh and see the significant and the roles of the genders, as was planned by Yahweh. What better place to start than the book of the Beginning Genesis: Let us begin with Genesis 1: which give a synopsis of the whole creation leaving out the lengthy detail of what actually took place. In Genesis 1: 26; Elshaddi said, "Let us make man in our own image and give 'THEN' dominion over all the earth." This statement by itself can give the impression that the man and the woman are equal and therefore had equal responsibility, but this is not so. Hence the reason Yahweh took the time in Chapter 2 of Genesis to go into some details as to what actually took place and in doing do actually define the roles and the importance of the genders in the whole scheme of things.

Let us take a look at this. In Genesis Chapter 2: 15. “And the Lord took the man and put him in the Garden which was located east of Eden, which is by name the Garden of Eden. In the summery of creation on the earth as is stated in Gen. 1:26 Yahweh use the *plural pronoun “THEM” to qualify his overall plan for human kind as it related to Yahweh’s earthly creation. They (human Kind) were to be in charge of Yahweh’s creation. But in Gen.2: Yahweh used the definite pronoun “THE” man in speaking of Adam. Let us take some time to reexamine some interesting facts about the Creation that you are aware of and put them in their right prospective.

Yahweh develops a relationship with “THE MAN.”

Yahweh took the time to give “THE” man or the first man the opportunity to develop a one on one relationship with him. This was to prepare the first man for his God appointed responsibilities. Adam was to be responsible for the Earth and its inhabitants and accountable to Yahweh. In order for the first man: Adam, to be able to execute his sacred obligation as Yahweh would have him; Adam needed to know who his creator was; what the benefits of loyalty to his creator were, what the expectations were, and what were the benefits to be derived from the relationship.

This was accomplished in several ways.

• Although man did not witness the awesome creative wonder of Yahweh, he saw the Great God of the Universe at work. Gen. 2: 8 for after man was created Yahweh planted a garden east of Eden. The woman was not yet created.

• Yahweh took time to relocate the man from where he was created: Eden, to the Garden which Yahweh had planted East of Eden. The woman was not yet created.

• Yahweh told the man what are his limitation within the Garden; which was to eat of every tree of the Garden except for the tree of the knowledge of Good and evil. The woman was not yet created.

• Then came, man’s first assignment, which is recorded in Gen.2 19-22; Yahweh brought every created thing to Adam (the First man) to see what he will call them. One by one Yahweh introduced his creatures into The Garden of Eden, Adam’s new home. Here Adam was blessed with the privilege of naming every living thing that Yahweh created. The Woman was not yet created.

• After Yahweh had formulated a relationship with the first man: Adam, then the woman was created and Adam also had the privilege of naming, even the woman as is outlined in Genesis 2:23; and Adam said this is bones of my bone and flesh of my flesh she shall be called woman because she was taken from man.

There are two things I will like to make note of:

• From the account of what took place the woman was the last of Yahweh’s creation and she was the only being that was not created in Eden but was created in the Garden that was planted east of Eden.

• Every creature including the man bore witness to the creation of the woman.

• Let us move over to Genesis 3: and there is recorded the fall of man. It took but a moments for woman committed spiritual suicide, not satisfied with destroying herself she then teamed up with the devil to destroy the remainder of Yahweh’s earthly creation. She brought corruption and death to every tree every beast of the field but most of all man. Now because of the deceptive action of the woman; every man and creature that entered into this sin cursed earth are doomed to suffer the plague that is associated with sin. With one decision, the woman destroyed the perfect Earth that Elshaddi had spent seven days creating.

• Of all the created being the woman was the youngest, she had the lease experience and therefore she knew Yahweh the lease; yet, she took it on herself, without counsel from Yahweh and or the man to make the biggest decision that could have been made.

From that day, the woman believes she has the rights and dominion over the earth and over man. It is important to note, even after sin, Yahweh did not reverse the roles of the genders. It is unfortunate that after Adam's mistake, Man have not, in their own life, correct the mistake/wrong that Adam made/committed; but rather' choose to remain in his self imposed weakness, by not using his God given wisdom and spirit of discernment: but chooses not to implement intestinal fortitude and God given wisdom in dealing with the woman.

All through biblical and world history woman was responsible for corrupting Strong, wise and Godly men, as a result Yahweh have only entrusted his work to but a few woman. In secular history, Yahweh have entrusted the more profound accomplishments, inventions, mathematics, scientific and other theories, revelation etc. to MAN.

Everything that is secret to Yahweh such as the family, the Marriage, and children seems to be corrupted by the woman. Every day men are persuaded and choose to; eat from the hands of the woman the forbidden fruit; all in an effort to please the woman. Man violate Yahweh laws at the prompting of the woman and in doing so he simply and smilingly hands over his peace of mind, his right and his manhood to the woman; giving her control over his life, his home, his children and his marriage; hence the problems that exist within the family, marriage and with our children today.

It was never Yahweh’s intention for the woman to have dominion but the man and because of this, Yahweh did not prepare the woman for that role but he prepared the man. She was not given the opportunity to be so nurtured and trained for such a huge undertaking; she was not afforded the privilege to developed the relationship with Yahweh that was needed; which would have equipped her to hold and properly manage such dominion: as is outlined in Genesis 2: 19-23. The man however, was afforded that sacred privilege.

Man have got to turn back to Yahweh, be faithful to Yahweh under all circumstances, keeping all of Yahweh's laws; forsaking all foolish counsel of any foolish woman and be willing to deny himself of the pleasures of this world just for a little season. It is only then that his family life on earth, his marriages and his children will be free from the corruption that now engulfs the world.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas A Christian festival or Pagan Carnival?

Christmas is a festival that is widely celebrated by Christendom; unfortunately, most Christians celebrates this festival out of ignorance. They are ignorant as to what they believe as Christians and what Christmas is all about. It is also a sorry state, when you hear ministers of the Gospel, in their effort to indulged in the things of the world; make comment such as Jesus is the reason for the season. This is so far from the truth. Let me take this time to inform you that Jesus Christ, the Son of Yahweh; has nothing to do with Christmas; his birth, life, death and resurrection has nothing in common with this widely celebrated festival of indulgence. As a matter of fact, the very origin of Christmas is an abomination of Elshaddai.

What is the origin of Christmas?

Before I answer this question, let me give you a little back ground information about country of Roam; the country from whence Christmas has its origin. Roam was a pagan nation and the ruler and citizen of roam, worshipped many false God; which included the elements, nature (trees) as well as the Heaven body (stars, moon, sun etc.); these along with the worship of other idol, Created an environment that give rise to many defile ceremonies and festivals. When Christianity reached the shores of Roam, the Christian religion grew in popularity among his Roman subjects.

What was unfortunate about this is, most of the Roman Christians refused to turn away from their defiled and evil practices. Instead of the Church taking a stand on the word of Yahweh holding fast to the word of God, they chose to marry paganism with Christianity. This union was a totally unholy and a spiritually unhealthy union: the Devil’s delight. For many century and up to today the lies of the Devil is not only being propagated by Roam; but most of Christendom is selling this the darkness magic of idolatry too many unsuspecting believer, which is still affecting millions of Christian.

Now let’s take some time to discuss the beginning and the origin of Christmas.

Pagan Roam had a festival, which was called Saturnalia, This festival was a tribute festival or a sacrificial carnival which was held in honor of the God of Saturn himself. It began on 17th of December and ran to the 25th day of the same month. This festival is believed to began in the year 217 BC. During this period citizen of Roam were exempted from all crimes committed; as part of the festival they indulged and participated in drunkenness, sexual misconducts, violent behavior etc.

Each Roman District was to appoint an innocent citizen and that citizen, were forced to indulged in drinking of alcohol and physical pleasure for one week, beginning on the 17th of December, then on the 25th December which was the last day of the festival; these so called enemies of Roam were all brutally murdered as a sacrifice. These acts brutality were done to destroy the forces of darkness.

The Greek writer Lucian in documenting an eyewitness account of the activities that occurred on this festival speak of drunk revelers dancing through the street naked as the sing songs, many people were raped (I would imagine men and women) in public as they indulged in many sexual acts that would have otherwise been unlawful.

In the 4th Century the church leaders in their effort to convert the masses of Pagan Roam to Christianity told the pagan Romans who were entrenched in this practice (Saturnalia) they will be able to continue to participate in Saturnalia as Christian. Here we have a situation where Believers in Jesus Christ whose core believed were in Yahweh and his government and in Jesus Christ’s sacrifice for their sin were given the right away to participate in the violation of the Law of Yahweh; the principles for which Jesus died and in the process violate their own dignity and decency as well as that of their fellow citizen. It is important for us to conclude that no man on earth neither an angel in heaven can give another permission to break Yahweh’s laws.

The American Experience:

The puritans of Massachusetts were the only people of the new world to take any meaningful action against Christmas. When the citizen of Massachusetts discovered the origin of Christmas, it became illegal for any citizen of Massachusetts to celebrate Christmas. The anti-Christmas law was enacted in 1659 was the legal instrument that make it unlawful for Christian to celebrate Christmas in that part of the country and it remained illegal for citizens to do so until 1681 when the law was repealed. For twenty two years the citizen of Massachusetts took a stand against Christmas because of it’s pagan back ground and the other pagan practices that is still associated with it.

The Roman’s Church Effort to Sanitized Saturnalia:

Later in an effort to reform the reluctant pagan and to persuade them from participating in Saturnalia; the leaders of the Roman Church (which was the world’s super power of that era), without biblical proof or other documented facts declared that the 25th December the Birthday of Jesus Christ, with the hope observers of Saturnalia would have chosen their love, respect and obedience to Yahweh and Yahweh’s son Jesus Christ thus causing a curbed in their appetite for the taste of the sinful practice of Saturnalia; but it did not.

Apart from perpetrating a verbal fraud; lying about the birth of Christ, the Leaders in the Roman Church tried many things to change the hearts of its congregants from the pagan practice of Saturnalia without success. It was a long and rough road from Saturnalia to what is celebrated today as Christmas.

In 1466 Roman Catholic Church revisited the most deprived customs of Saturnalia; as a substitute for the acts of indecencies to others and self the Jews became victims of this festival. The Pope Paul 11 Forced Jews to raced naked through the streets but not before they were forced to eat and drink to a point of discomfort; this made their naked run not only difficult but comical. This was done to and for the entertainment of Roman citizens who laugh at the nude discomfort of the Jews while mockingly taunted and threw objects at them. Later in the 18-19 Centuries the Jewish leader became the laughing stock of this festival. The Rabbis were forced to ware clownish outfit and while walking through the town citizen would laugh at and mockingly pelt objects at them.

In 1836 The Jewish community wrote a letter of protest to Pope Gregory the 16th asking him to stop the abuse of the Jews which was common around the season of Saturnalia.

The Christmas tree:

It was believed by the Greco-Roman that the Gods themselves transformed into tree and the first human was descended from a tree. It was also widely believed that the tree was magical, it roots extended into the underworld and thus the tree has access to the predominant place of the God’s of the ancestral spirit. They also believed that the branches which reach up to the heaven accessed another realm of great mystery, the predominant place of the goddesses. Birds were believed to be messengers from the gods and the fact that they nested and rear their young in tree were another sign of the holiness of the tree. The trunk of the tree was considered a bridge between the underworld where the predominant spirit of the ancestors dwell and the heaven where the Goddesses dwell.

The worship of trees had an integral part in pagan Roam’s customs, at times the trees that were to be worship were cut and took into their homes, where they were paint and beautifully decorated. This practice was also married into Christianity and was merged as a part of the Christmas tradition and is still practiced today around Saturnalia or Christmas time.

Gift Giving:

In pre-Christian Roam, the emperor of Roam compelled the most despised of the Roman citizens to bring offering and gift around the Saturnalia time. this was later adopted along with the custom of the yearly practice of the cult who followed Bishop Nickolas give gift to children on the 6th December to commemorate the death of Bishop Nicholas’ who was later granted sainthood by the Roman catholic Church.

The conclusion:

Can you in all honesty after knowing the history of Christmas find pleasure in celebrating such defile and wicked festival? Not if you are a believer in Yahweh and a follower of Jesus Christ. Given to the Roman Catholic Church, for the correct price, they can lend acceptance and sanctity to the atrocities of African slavery and Hitler’s holocaust.

Any minister of the Gospel, who tries to encourage the celebration of Christmas by infuse Christ in to dirty pagan celebration: Christmas and in the process cause the followers of the living God to indulges such celebration is no better than the Roman Catholic pries who sells indulgences such as forgiveness etc. or Jeroboam the King of Israel who lead Israel down the slippery path of idolatry for his own personal gratification and gain. As a result of Jeroboam’s selfish action, Israel became a ruin and its people were taken into captivity became slaves to the heathen nations suffering the curse of Jehovah as was outlined in Duet. 28: 16 onward; a curse which Israel endured for many centuries.