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Jesus was fully man and he was fully God.

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To the average human mind and with our frail capabilities, it is hard but not impossible, to understand how a person can be fully God and fully man, possessing both set of characteristic at the same time. But Jesus was both. There are some things that are outside the realms of human understanding, but this is not one of those things. In order to understand this concept we must understand two things: we must first understand that what is impossible with man is totally possible with God and we must isolate the characteristics of God and the characteristics of man and see if they can be contained in the same entity.

What does it takes to be fully man. A man is comprised of several characteristics and they are:
1.     a body of flesh
2.     an emotional state
3.     a fallen nature (capable of being tempted)
4.     easily hurt disposition
5.     the ability to feel physical pain
6.     was born
7.     live on earth
8.     be subject to all the things that man is subject to

In the case of Jesus the Christ, he had all of these characteristics that constitute a man; but most of all he was subject to the things that man are subjected to.

Now the next question we must ask ourselves is what constitutes God, in this case not just any god, but Yahweh the one true Creator and sustainer of the universe and all there in.

Perfection is what constitutes Yahweh. Yahweh is perfect in every aspect if his existence every attribute that He has is perfection personified.
·         He is perfect in righteousness,
·         He has all and perfect power: even the power from the sun and the power that his arch enemy has is his.
·         Perfect in justice
·         perfect in Mercy
·         Perfect in Grace
·         Perfect in love
·         He is the perfect warrior
·         Perfect in peace
·         Perfect in knowledge (knows everything there is to know about everything)
·         Perfect in wisdom (knows the perfect application of everything)
·         Perfect in being (he was not corrupt in body)
In other words, Jesus was God and he possessed Godly perfection; yet he has all of the characteristics of man. He had the complex broken nature of man in a defile broken body as all man is born with. It is important to note that Jesus Christ never defile his body, but the defilement of his body was simple the consequence of being man. This is the reality of this situation, here we have a perfect God, who from the beginning of eternity have existed in the presence of perfection; now, he is forced to exist for thirty three and a half years in a defile host: MAN.

So we can say that Jesus possessed all of the characteristics of Yahweh and he also possessed all of the characteristic of man: in other words he was the perfect paradox.

1.     He was the High and the low at the same time, (fully God and fully man)
2.     He was the perfect and the defile simultaneously, (He had the perfection of God living in a defiled body of man)
3.     He was the good and the bad. (he had the good nature of God and the Bad nature of man)
4.     he had the perfect and the imperfect within him (he had the perfection of God and the imperfection of man's body)
5.     He was powerless yet all powerful. (like having money that you commit not to spend; he had the power of God but was restricted by choice to the capabilities of man)
6.     He was everlasting yet he had an end. (he will live forever yet he had to die)
there are many more characteristic that clearly speak to the nature of Jesus the Savior that are paradox to man but are in the realms of ordinary to the almighty God: Yahweh.

Another thing we can safely say, is that Jesus came as Adam left, with a sinful nature and body but he left as Adam came with a glorified nature and body. This is so for the simple reason: Jesus never violate the laws of God. With this accomplishment Jesus owned the right to have his sin tainted body that he had to put on when he became man to be daily transform into the sinless body that Adam once had.

You may be unanswered questions such as:

1.     Did Jesus every used his Godly powers? What about all of the miracles?
2.     Did Jesus ever suffer sexual temptation?
3.     Why Jesus did come into the world?
4.     Can I live as Jesus lived?

If they were addressed you may click on the topics and you can find answer to your unanswered question. Of ask your questions in the comment section and I will address them.

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